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    Best Freelance Platform of 2019 - Polls Now OPEN

    2019 LanceBase Platform Comparison Thread Amid discussions about freelancing and making money online, the freelance platform comes into view. Your honest opinions about these platforms are important in helping us to keep LanceBase content valuable and relevant to the community. What's the best...
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    Best Quote Contest [Closed]

    Best Quote Contest | "Life itself is a quotation." —Jorge Luis Borges How to Win Make a post in this thread containing what you consider to be the best quote of all time. Upon doing so you’ll become a valid participant. Three Winners will be selected via random pick at 12:00am on May 6th...
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    Website Review/Critique Requests

    Improve your website(s) through reviews, critiques, and quality feedback from established members. Members having achieved the rank of Contributing Member +, may request ideas on how to improve their website. First impressions, bugs, etc. Members having been active for at least 30 days and...
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    LanceBase Interview with Dronile Hiraldo | Copywriter & Content Marketer

    Dronile Hiraldo - Owner, LanceBase Profile: @dronilehiraldo Dronile Hiraldo is a NYC born and bred aspiring author, speaker and creative entrepreneur. She helps social entrepreneurs and brands in health and wellness create positive social change and effectively communicate...
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    Tips Tips to Increase Fiverr Sales

    The following list includes some of the most common techniques used to improve conversion and increase sales on Fiverr. Be trustworthy, follow Fiverr TOC, be honest with your Buyers. Add a professional, appealing profile image. (headshot or logo) Be well informed about your skill(s), and...
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    LanceBase Interview with Bethany Barich | Filmmaker & Writer

    Bethany Barich - LanceBase Profile: @bethanybaillie A Point Park University Graduate (B.A. in Cinema Production), Bethany is 25 years old and currently resides in Pittsburgh PA. In addition to freelancing she finds the time to manage a retail entertainment & electronics...
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    LanceBase Promotional Elements

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    New LanceBase Staff Member: @ZachBuckler!

    Hello everyone! We'd like to give a rousing welcome to our newest Staff Member—please welcome @zachbuckler to the team! We're thrilled he is able to take up the Moderator mantle at what is sure to be a busy time here on LB. We're happy to have you Zach, and certain you'll do a fantastic job.
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    LanceBase Interview with Zach Buckler | Voice Actor

    Zach Buckler - Owner, Zach Buckler's Voice Over Services LanceBase Profile: @zachbuckler Closing in on a decade of involvement in voice acting, social media strategies, and content moderation, Zach also now provides copywriting services for radio stations, marketing companies, and various...
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    Member Referral Contest [Closed]

    Member Referral Contest | Everything is better when you bring a friend! 😎 + 😀😀😀 = 💰 How to Win Make an entry post in this thread containing the phrase "I'm in". Upon doing so you’ll become a valid participant. While logged in, grab your unique referral link (default or generated) from...
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    Now Hiring - Posting Guidelines

    Forum Info Members wishing to hire fellow freelancers for various tasks may do so here. After the connection is made, proceed to communicate and move forward entirely at your own risk. We are unable to facilitate any communication or resolve disputes. While respondents have unlimited free...
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    Welcome to LanceBase v2!

    As you may have noticed, the forum is in the midst of a major update. We see this as an evolution rather than a re-design. Guided by feedback from our members, we have been hard at work, updating the site with new features that will make your browsing experience more enjoyable, more interactive...
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    Best Freelance Platform of 2018

    2018 LanceBase Platform Comparison Thread. [Closed]
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    LanceBase Interview with Deborah Ng | Published Author & Consultant

    Deborah Ng - Owner, Telecommunity LanceBase Profile: @debng Deborah Ng is a freelance writer, published author, and social media consultant specializing in online community development. When she's not writing, her "favorite things are nagging my family, vacuuming dog hair tumbleweeds from my...
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    LanceBase Interview with Zach Henson | Graphic Artist

    Zach Henson - Owner, Zach Henson Cartoons and Design LanceBase Profile: @zachhenson Zach Henson is an Artist currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, who went to school to be an animator and ended up with a degree in Computer-aided Design. Zach has designed holograms and animated bonus...
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    Interviews - Posting Guidelines

    Forum Info Real-world interviews with LanceBase members of varied backgrounds. It is entirely within the Interviewee/Subject's discretion whether or not to respond to member generated questions or follow-up dialogue. Forum Guidelines The following guidelines are an addendum to the global forum...
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    50% Off LanceBase Supporter Membership

    USE promo code CYBMON50 at checkout to save 50%! The holidays are upon us and it's time for life to shift into high-gear. As a gift to you, we’re offering a Cyber Monday coupon/promo code good towards the purchase of our Supporter Memberships. We value your support, and wish you a very happy...
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    Picture This! Instagram Hashtag Contest [Closed]

    Picture This! | Instagram Hashtag Contest. Show us your Workstations How to Win Follow @LanceBaseForum on Instagram. Post a new photo on IG showing your Workstation. Whether a desk with a view, an advanced editing bay, or your lap, we want to see where your magic happens. Use the hashtag...
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    Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of LanceBase

    It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we announce the one-year anniversary of LanceBase. Thanks to the dedication and persistence of those who shared our enthusiasm, was able to launch one year ago today. Before long LanceBase took on a life of its own. What began as an...
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    Maintenance Interruption

    A loss of data occurred during maintenance on 6/15/2017. This glitch resulted in some posts, and possibly even new members from that day, being lost. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and will do everything we can to help members get back on track. Please contact us if...