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  1. Brandon_Navarro

    Tips Tips to Increase Fiverr Sales

    All gigs have the potential to make money, but some are in higher demand. Treat it like a physical market, convenience your potential clients as much as you can. Remember that with each order you deliver, you have the opportunity to grow/upsell.
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    Nice logos in your showcase thread, you're very talented.

    Nice logos in your showcase thread, you're very talented.
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    Best office chair for long days

    Preferably a home-office chair built for a big butt, and a lot of rolling from one side of the room to the other. Budget = $750, or maybe a little more. I like the Herman Miller Mirra 2 so far.
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    Valuable client wants to pay outside of Upwork

    I think you already know not to do it. It's a violation of their ToS yes, but it's not about being "caught", it's about loosing everything you have worked to build. It hasn't been 24 months yet or you wouldn't be asking this question, so here's my advice. Opt-Out Fee
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    Happy Birthday, keri

    Happy birthday!
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    Fiverr Pro (your thoughts)

    Any real benefits from Fiverr Pro? To me the faq page basically says "regular fiverr is highly unprofessional environment without serious buyers. Full of non-elite peers, payment hassles, and managers that ignore you ---- but fiverr pro is the opposite of those things." Talk me into using Fiverr Pro
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    The Official Freelance Meme/ Funny Image Thread

    Working From Home: Expectation vs. Reality
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    The best (and worst) countries for Freelancers in 2018
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    The Sky Is Falling. Freelancing is over.

    I disagree. I sympathize with you but saying it is over is pretty extreme. the landscape is changing just like it always has. Adapt or starve.
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    Shit Freelancers Say

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    Member Referral Contest [Closed]

    I'm in for sure.
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    Welcome, BrandonNavarro

    Hey thanks bro