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  1. lrich


    Nope. All the lights in the house were off. Don't have kids and no cousins to take around.
  2. lrich

    Pop Stars Who Hate Their Own Songs

    LOL. Probably reminds them of a time in their lives that they don't want to revisit.
  3. lrich

    Freelance Cooking

    Get a Youtube Channel and start posting videos. Build up followers.
  4. lrich

    Finding Gigs

    Totally agree with that. They've changed their payment structure to make the fees higher. I'm an eBay seller as well and I now don't have to pay any Paypal fees because I just go to my "usuals" directly and do Paypal's friends and family option.
  5. lrich

    Black Friday

    How many people actually buy stuff on Black Friday/Cyber Monday? Do you have any crazy stories? Do you buy more on Cyber Monday or Black Friday?
  6. lrich


    Hello. I'm a freelance writer and editor. Just saying hello and hoping to connect with other freelance writers and editors