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  1. jakobpersson

    How to get clients?

    I did some research a while ago and looked at surveys. The most common ways freelancers find work are: Friends and family, and friends of them. It's always easier when you come recommended or have something in common. Check with former employers. They know you can give you strong references...
  2. jakobpersson

    Does something like this exist?

    Check with the Freelancers Union. They seem to have several initiatives in place to create income and health care security for freelancers.
  3. jakobpersson

    what happened to

    This was a fun thing they came up with here in Stockholm. I never managed to join a hoffice. It's a great idea though.
  4. jakobpersson

    As a freelancer, should I identify as myself (real name)?

    Yes, it creates trust. If I were the buyer would never deal with someone who used a fake name, a handle or a pseudonym. Trust is your most important currency when it comes to building strong relationships with clients and being able to price competitively.
  5. jakobpersson

    How much do web developers charge to do maintenance service?

    Well if you market it like that it doesn't sound very valuable, does it? :) When I've sold maintenance on a retainer basis I've marketed it as a way to prevent data loss, security breaches, and brand damage. I've appealed to their fears. Which might sound shady but it's a cornerstone of...
  6. jakobpersson

    How do you charge your clients: fixed price or an hourly rate?

    I recommend: Fixed value-based pricing, not hours. Tiered pricing in order to take advantage of certain psychological principles such as anchoring. Well scoped and clearly defined installments. Fair use clause in the contract. A spin-off project clause for work outside the contract, each scoped...
  7. jakobpersson

    Welcome, jakobpersson

    Thank you, bot. I've been a consultant since around the year 2000. Over the years I've co-founded an agency and gone back to being an independent consultant. I regularly blog about freelancing and agency life and also run a startup that helps freelancers and agencies build stronger customer...
  8. jakobpersson

    Best skills to make money?

    The best way to make money is to solve expensive and painful problems for others. Consultants in management and finance can charge high fees since they help their clients make multiples more. The question you need to ask is what problems you are solving for your clients and find ways of doing...
  9. jakobpersson

    The uncertainty of freelancing gives me anxiety

    Here's the thing: there is no certainty. Job security is sadly largely an illusion today. People who feel safe from job security just aren't realists, for the most part. I prefer being a freelancer and facing that uncertainty over putting my head in the sand until the flood comes and I have to...
  10. jakobpersson

    Any cheap or alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud?

    Try Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for Mac. No subscription pricing and an impressive feature set.
  11. jakobpersson

    Why are rates for mobile developers on so low?

    These platforms are a menace to freelancing and have been since forever. I recall trying freelancer dot com back in 2006 and quickly realized what a waste of time it was. These market sites essentially reduce talented individuals to commodities and pitch people in high-salary countries to those...