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  1. lone_star

    I have 4k tell me what to do with it

    I got $4,000 from a settlement and I want to invest it in something that will make me more money. Like a website or something. Or should I invest it back in to myself and my freelance biz. I need a new computer and some other odds and ends.
  2. lone_star

    Comment on and Like the person above you ^

    I guess the title is self-explanatory, just a fun forum game I thought we could all play. So comment about the person above you and give them a thumbs-up Like too if you want. Comment on their avatar or nickname, or whatever. Keep it going!
  3. lone_star

    Not good with Intros, but hi

    Hi. I'm semi-retired and chasing around extra income from my home office. Excited to find this place but I'm not going to get my hopes up until I see if it gets overrun with spam first. Fingers are crossed. Will