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  1. Chris_A

    Freelancing Niches

    Which would you consider to be the most successful freelancing niches nowadays? Is it content writing? Graphics design? Social media? Maybe even programming? What do you think?
  2. Chris_A

    People Per Hour

    Does anyone around here use PPH? I have not checked the site out yet, but I plan too. Any tips for someone starting out on the platform?
  3. Chris_A

    Beta Tester

    Did anyone have any good success being a freelancer beta tester for apps and games? If so, what platform did you use to get your jobs? Do companies even hire freelancers for beta testing outside of their respective companies?
  4. Chris_A

    Social Interactions

    Working from home has a lot of benefits, but you miss out on the social interaction with co-workers and colleagues that people working a day job usually have. How do you cope with this? How do you get your fill of social interaction as a freelancer?
  5. Chris_A

    Not Paid

    Have you ever been in a situation when you did not get paid work the work you have done? What can you, as a freelancer, do in such situations? How did you go about this?
  6. Chris_A

    How much do you work?

    How many hours do you work per day? Do you just go with the flow and work according to your deadlines? Or do you do work each and every day and don`t let work pile up?
  7. Chris_A

    Beating Procrastination

    What are your tactics for beating procrastination? It is the one major issue for anyone with the liberty of working their own schedule.
  8. Chris_A

    Get a Real Job

    How do you guys deal with people telling you that freelancing is not a real job and that you should get hired at a company instead, working a day job? Can you even convince people that don`t consider freelancing real work?
  9. Chris_A

    Becoming a Freelancer

    What made you become a freelancer in the first place? Did you do it because you hated your day job and quit? Was there something else involved?
  10. Chris_A

    Part-Time Job

    Do you guys also have a part-time job besides working as a Freelancer online? Or do you do Freelancing full-time? Would you consider getting a part-time job to cover off months when you have few clients and low income?
  11. Chris_A


    Did you guys have any good success being a blogger? What does it take to make it in the blogging world nowadays? Any tips for people just starting out?
  12. Chris_A

    Payment Method

    What is your preferred payment method? Do you like direct bank transfer? Do you use an intermediary like PayPal? What would you recommend?
  13. Chris_A

    Dealing with Clients

    How do you guys usually deal with problematic clients? Seeing as how we freelancers are working for people all around the world, there is definitely a good chance to have a couple of "bad" clients.
  14. Chris_A

    Translation Services

    Do you have any recommendation for good platforms to do translation services on? Has anyone had any good success with translation services?
  15. Chris_A

    Favorite Platform for Writers

    For all of you writers out there, what is the favorite freelance platform you like to work on and why? Share your opinions.
  16. Chris_A

    Stranger Things Season 2

    Can`t wait for Season 2. This show is the perfect mix of E.T., The X-Files and Twilight Zone. Very well done and each episode is more interesting then the previous one. I`m really curious if the producers can keep up the quality in Season 2 as well.
  17. Chris_A

    Tips Tips for Saying No to a Client Like a Professional

    Thanks for sharing this. You should always be polite with your clients, even when you refuse and offer and flat out decline a job. As a freelancer, your reputation is everything and you should actively keep it positive, even when saying "No".
  18. Chris_A

    Tips Dealing with Stress as a Freelancer

    A very nice article. Lists can be really useful for any aspect of day to day life, but especially helpful when you need to get things done or need to write your thoughts and ideas down, so you don`t forget them. Definitely use lists to your advantage.
  19. Chris_A

    Tips How to Improve Your Productivity as a Freelancer in 10 Easy Steps

    There are a couple of good tips in that list, for sure. I completely agree with trying to avoid distractions as much as possible. When you decide to work, work and keep everything else out, most importantly social media. You will have plenty of time to catch up once you finish your projects.
  20. Chris_A

    Tutorial Scrivener for Bloggers and Freelance Writers

    Looks like a really useful app for any writer of blogger. Thanks for the tutorial and the heads up about this program.