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  1. Whale

    what happened to stopped posting on the fb page in 2017. Is the network still updating ?
  2. Whale

    The Official Freelance Meme/ Funny Image Thread
  3. Whale

    The PROs and CONs of being a Freelancer

    What do you think? :sticktongueout:
  4. Whale

    Landing a job outside of Upwork

    "I have a bachelor degree in English language, culture and civilization ". "the Upwork ID verification went wrong and I got suspended :S . I asked for a video ID verification but Upwork refused " From where? i have never heard of that happening before. Can you post the support ticket?
  5. Whale

    Yook er

  6. Whale

    Where do you do your best work?

    Thats cool
  7. Whale

    I have 4k tell me what to do with it

    What did you do with it??
  8. Whale

    Not Paid

    Happened to me twice total in my whole life and both times I reported them. One time it worked the other time it didnt and I got stiffed.
  9. Whale

    Beating Procrastination

    Food keeps me in line, seriously. Or the thought not having it I mean. I love food and electronics more than anything but I can't getthose without da moolah.
  10. Whale

    Member Referral Contest [Closed]

    I will give it a shot. I'm In 🍻
  11. Whale

    Not Using Paypal

    I think hes mad because the contest is using paypal to payout. @JohnBaskette Why you mad bro?
  12. Whale

    Academic writting

    I'm only wondering how you can be a writer. All your new posts have misspellings and the punctuation is jacked up. Do you have examples of your writing?
  13. Whale

    Academic writting

    You spelled writing wrong.
  14. Whale

    Service thread on profile

    I would like to respectfully request that you put a link to our freelance service thread onto our profile page so that people don't have to search for it.
  15. Whale

    Best Freelance Platform of 2018

    Fiverr and Upwork, mostly fiverr.
  16. Whale

    Freelance Services by SixideBeats

    Good grooves
  17. Whale

    Ask me anything about audio for the next hour

    Ill answer any questions about freelance audio for 1 hour.