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  1. JohnDz

    Tips How to Improve Your Productivity as a Freelancer in 10 Easy Steps

    Being productive is sometimes hard. For me specially, when I am working with audio, finding the time, preparing my software, and switcing between windows, so yes, a big screen helps, so I can fix two windows to see both same time. Great post.
  2. JohnDz

    Tips Freelancer 101: Maximising Your Earnings

    In some platforms clients can do upfront payment with no risk, since the site holds the money until all is done, if something goes wrong is refunded. Currency convertion is good when you have the chance, some years ago there was bitcoin option in fiverr, but was very unstable, if I had taken...
  3. JohnDz

    Tips Steps to a Successful ASO Audit

    Great tips, finding the right keywords is hard, may try to copy the popular ones, but doesnt work, its very competitive.
  4. JohnDz

    Tips Dealing with Stress as a Freelancer

    Very good tips, I only feel stressful when a customer makes a big order without asking first, and sometimes happen with several clients, then I have to manage my time for two or three big orders.
  5. JohnDz

    Freelance News Can we make digital money transfer great again?

    When I started Paypal fee was $1-2 for bank transfer, today is totally free. The local bakns have even higher fees. Also some freelancer sites have fees for transer, yes, beside the percentage they take with every order.
  6. JohnDz

    Tips How to Overcome Writer’s Block

    The hardest part for em is the beginning, after that I can write several pages, and maybe I will lose my inspiration again before I get a new idea to start to write again.
  7. JohnDz

    Tips Tips for Saying No to a Client Like a Professional

    When a task is out of my scope I always explain the reasons of why I cant accept. Sometimes is resolved if customer provides more days or more money. Sometimes is a service very different to those I offer and have to explain the diference in a polite way and wishing good look to the buyer in...
  8. JohnDz

    Tips Using Social Media to Effectively Promote Your Work as a Freelance Writer

    Good advise, social media ia a tool we can use to promote our bussiness, but is not easy, peple is flooded with endless content.. Thanks for this post.
  9. JohnDz

    Tutorial How to Book a Client on Upwork

    That is a very useful guide. Upwork is becoming a gret platform for freelancers, every day more competitive and you have to try your best to get more customers.
  10. JohnDz

    Tips How to Boost Your App Downloads For Free

    Great advise, app business is really competitive and is very hard to be noticed among thousands of apps.
  11. JohnDz

    Freelance News Should You Ever Work For Free, As A Freelancer?

    I worked for free once ion fiverr, not customers but fiverr itself. It was a volunteer and agreed, I got a badge for that. Once a customer came with a very very easy and small task, it could be done in less than one minute, I just did it and explain my service, in case they really need it and...
  12. JohnDz

    Freelance News Stop Trying to Pay Freelancers in “Exposure”

    Never happened to me. But I know many people that have been offerend just exposure, more likely to artists, I am in writing and audio edition. But I am musician and I am in a band in my free time, and I have been offered exposure and drinks... or only exposure, we never accepted that deal.
  13. JohnDz

    Orders on fiverr

    I had a hiatus of two months in 2018, never been the same. As in the other thread reads, a lot of sellers had the same problem, sudden drop of views and orders.
  14. JohnDz

    A Client Told Me They'll Never Use Upwork Again - Here's Why

    That is a real injustice, I hate when big corporation take desicion and never explain. I was banned of Adsense ofr no reason. I hope Upwork soon fixes those issues, is a source of income of many good workers.
  15. JohnDz

    Avoiding scam accounts

    Rarely found scammers, only users that go totally against TOS, trying to buy my account or promoting rival sites, they were banned before I could even read their messages. I have seen people trying to pay the half of the price, likely people that offer the same service in other place and trying...
  16. JohnDz

    Tips Five Tips to Keep Generating Writing Topics

    Excellent advise, one of the hardest part of a new community is creating original content, sometimes we run out of ideas for more posts, threads, and that lead to inactivity.
  17. JohnDz

    fiverr registered the word "Gig" - is it even legal?

    Oh I didnt know. I have seen projects, tasks in other sites, but never payed attention to craiglist.
  18. JohnDz

    fiverr registered the word "Gig" - is it even legal?

    That is weird, a word so common being property of someone. I remember when King intented to trademark common words like Candy and Saga, I dont know what the status is, but that is cheap, stingy and greedy. In the case of fiverr it could be ok, in the freelance context, they made it famous, and...
  19. JohnDz

    Freelance News Don’t Become a Freelancer

    Excellent article. I had to work after midnight sometimes, I had to answer all calls as my own assitant, I had worked on Christmas, even the day my first son born, wasnt so bad, I managed to do all and take care of my family wit a little help of my friends. Its hard but I cant quit, really love...
  20. JohnDz

    Welcome, JohnDz

    Oh thanks. This looks like a nice forum. Hi everybody