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Envato Marketplace.

Envato Market, an ecosystem of creative assets and creative people

Founded: 2006

Formerly Eden, Envato is a collection of themed marketplaces where freelancers buy and sell digital assets. Anything from Photoshop actions and video footage, to advanced WordPress themes and plugins. Envato's top Authors make over 20K per month selling digital products and stock to a thriving community of over 7M users, across eight marketplaces in 200 countries. Over $400M community earnings across all Envato.

Sales platform for digital items:

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Envato Studio, a freelance marketplace for custom creative and technical services

Founded: 2006

Different from Market, Envato Studio is a community of handpicked designers and developers. From small jobs to large projects, services include WordPress theme installation, content writing, video production, app development and more. Over 96K jobs purchased through Studio.

Express your interest in becoming a Service Provider:

Graphic Design services
Web/App Development services
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All other services

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