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    The uncertainty of freelancing gives me anxiety

    Diversification of clients certainly improves your financial security, and it should reflect on your psychological state. But more efficient tool, I think, is growing your bank account to have at least 3-6x of monthly expenses. In that case you'd have more than enough time to adjust your work...
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    Welcome, vivid

    Why, thank you! Looking forward to some interesting discussions on the forum, was struggling to find something like this for quite some time already.
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    How do you charge your clients: fixed price or an hourly rate?

    I prefer agreeing multiple small bits of work each one priced separately, and them invoicing them in a bulk for some period of time (e.g. a week, or a month). For me it has a lot advantages: First, it helps me to identify the work which will be the most valuable for the client, or work that is...
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    As a freelancer, should I identify as myself (real name)?

    Since I work for people I got to know in the real life, I go under my real name :) But I've also seen one man shops going under some company name. Sometimes it helps to eliminate irrational fear of subcontracting to a single person that might not be capable of doing the whole project, or helps...
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    Freelance Web Devs, how do/did you find clients?

    All my clients are ex-colleagues, ex-bosses, friends, friends of friends or some random acquaintances from the real life. I have never actively searched for work, but I guess going through your address book and sending a focused message what kind of work you are looking to do (what value you...