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    Does anyone knows ?

    I've never heard of the site, but there are so many out there, that in itself doesn't mean much. But I just took a quick read of the FAQ page; there are a lot of typos and incorrect sentence structures, which throws up a red flag for me. It just doesn't read professional. Then add to the fact...
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    Remote IT and LanceBase "Supporter"

    Welcome, John! It's always nice to meet new members!
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    Who remembers their very first on-line post?

    Whether it was back in the dinosaur days of the old bulletin boards or the evolution of on-line community chats and message boards, do you remember the first time you ever joined in or started an on-line conversation? Did you fearlessly jump in or did you hesitate -- just a wee bit -- wondering...
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    So… can we talk about coffee?

    Coffee is a necessity, pretty much like air and water! I prefer a light roast that I brew at home, with just a touch of sugar and a heaping helping of non-dairy creamer. :biggrin: I should add that I enjoy hot and cold caffeine at the same time; my cuppa is usually sitting beside a glass of...
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    Hi and welcome; I'm new, too. Quality over quantity is what I tend to look for; so far, I'm loving it!
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    My Introduction

    Hi Zach! Thanks for the welcome to this community; I share your enthusiasm for connecting with everyone here, too! I know it often helps me to feel like I can take a break around a "virtual watercooler" and just breathe! LOL
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    New to the forum!

    Hi Velar! Nice to have you here!
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    Hi everyone

    Hi Jashetta; welcome!
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    Hi Everyone !!!

    Welcome to the community and the best of luck with this new venture! I've always found having a great support system of others to be extremely beneficial and hope you will, too!
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    Thanks, evrimaslan85!
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    Thanks for the welcome, Zach!
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    Hi back at ya, bornwithagift! :smile:
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    What are we reading now?

    Hi Mage! I'm new to the site myself and I LOVE to read. Since you like fantasy, have you read "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss? It's the first book of his Kingkiller Chronicles; the second is "The Wise Man's Fear". Both are excellent reads!
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    I'm new to this forum, but very excited to connect with others! My name is Brenda but my username is a throw-back to when I first ventured into the on-line world many moons ago. My then 10 year old daughter, upon finding out I was expecting, spread the word to everyone by declaring I was now a...