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  • From Level 2 to Level 0 on Fiverr.com

    Working hard Low-Cost Analytics was the first gig on Fiverr.com to offer website analysis reporting if your organization uses Google Analytics. Now back in 2012, there were no levels. Once they implemented Levels, the gig went to Level 2.

    Currently, because of two clients who just stopped communicating, and I had to cancel the gigs, my completion rate fell to 60% I have no
    It looks like Fiverr has updated the search algorithm. My best gig Low Cost Analytics over the last week I have gotten more questions and few new clients. I ask the clients how the found me and they are telling me via organic search on Fiverr. The are telling me the search terms too. Use Google Analytics need website or mobile analysis see what I offer.
    In 2017 my Fiverr Gig Low Cost Analytics Website Mobile App reporting analysis service if you use Google Analytics completed 11 Gigs. In 2018 I completed 57 Gigs. If you are searching for a certified Google Analytics Pro reach out to me Low Cost Analytics
    Over 250 Gigs done on Fiverr looking for a Digital Marketing pro for website and mobile app reporting that is Google Analytics certified let me know.
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