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    Freelance Services by MilanM

    Hi! I am a senior graphic designer with experience on Branding, Logo design, Web and Print. Worked with clients in non-profit organizations, fitness, art,entertainment, tech & real estate business. On my profile you can see some of my previous work and various different styles that I do. Take...
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    Fiverr is getting worse?

    How did you end up with your gigs then? Did you received steady order income or negative? I really don’t know what to do anymore to rank up. I do promote 24h a day. Have over 1500 reviews and it just dropped. Do you have any suggestions? And yeah my gig was on 1-3 page now its on 46?!
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    Fiverr is getting worse?

    Did you have any luck with Upwork? I’ve been registered for 2 months and got just one project.
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    thanks!! :)
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    Fiverr is getting worse?

    Hey there! Lately, I'm very frustrated about Fiverr, and this is my experience. I'm a veteran seller since 2014. I have over 1500 reviews. I have maintained excellent rating all these years. I have made ten’s of thousands profit to this website. Why am I saying all this? Because my gigs dropped...