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    16 X-Rays Of Pregnant Animals That Will Make You Say “OH MY GOD”

    These are truly amazing. see images
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    No, Hackers Apparently Didn’t Take Down The Entire Liberian Internet

    There may have been some small outages in the west African country, but the entire country did not get taken down by the same attack that crippled US websites. Internet access in Liberia was actually pretty solid this week, despite several reports that a group of hackers had managed to take...
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    Are smart cities just a utopian fantasy?

    Songdo, South Korea began its life as tidal marshland. Now it’s leading the charge into the future of smart cities. Once home to small-scale fishing operations, Songdo comprises massive, LEED-certified buildings, an efficient garbage collection system and even an island for rabbits. The project...
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    graphic & web design

    Hi everyone! I am a freelancer in graphic & web design. I wanna learn web development too. Do anyone here have any advise on that? And also what do u charge for web design?
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    Hello everyone! I am a freelancing in graphic and web designing. it's nice to have a community like this. I'd like to learn tips from other people.
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