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    Black Friday

    Maybe off topic, but I think South Park's satire about Black Friday is one of the best things in the world, I can't remember it's name but I know it's a triology
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    Email List Building Jobs

    On Upwork there are many job posts like this..
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    Freelance Cooking

    I think creating a Youtube channel would be much better, I mean I know I wouldn't literary pay for watching someone cook, and I think you can earn money from Youtube as much as a freelancers and 10 times more
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    graphic & web design

    Well, maybe he wanted firts hand ecperience, not sensationalist headlines on google?
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    Finding Gigs

    Yes but most customers still go to Fiverr because they think it's the cheapest and that lowers the price. Imo you can't earn any significant amount on Fiverr, I've been trying that for year and 2-3 months. But on Upwork, you can, I have had 2 jobs on Upwork and still made more money for that...
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    Social Media Strategist, Freelance

    Well, I think that's a good price since you spend 30 mins max of your day to do that. I was doing the same for $100, I usually charge two platforms for a month between 150-200$, but that's also a good thing for me because I don't spend much time and I can have more clients. That of course a...
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    How Much do you Make working Online?

    If I were making 200-300 a week, I would live like a royal in my country. I am actually not maling any money currently, I have hard time finding the long term job and don't have enough time to search every day for a job. But I do it so my parents don't have to pay everything for me since I am...
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    Where do you do your best work?

    Mattblex, That place is really incredible. I work the best at my home at my office desk, caffes etc are annoying me, I like to have full concentration on what I am doing, if I need to go to caffee I would put my earphones on I don't pay attention to other people
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    Nice to meet you too
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    Experiences on platforms

    The idea is to have the thread for every freelance platform (that people from this forum actually use) and share their experiences, questions, problems etc with other people. I know there are 'threads' with every single platform but I can't post a comment there, I just can click on the...
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    Hi Giovanni and welcome to the forum
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    Payment terms

    I think you should firts try freelancing and then quit your job because it takes some time to find firts job, I gained the firts in three weeks, which is a lot if you are paying the bills alone, that means that I received some money on my account two months after I started freelancing
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    Hello World!

    Hello neighbour and welcome :)
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    Best Freelance Platform of 2017

    Well, I was deciding between Fiverr and Upwork and my wote went to Upwork simply because there are more jobs and are a lot more paid then on the Fiverr. Yes, Fiverr is very easy and has the best idea out of the all freelance websites, but the jobs are really not paid well because every customer...
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    29 Things That Happened In 2002

    Well, most of these are unimportant things imo...