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    Newbie Freelancer Says Hi!

    Oh, yes, though God of War gives me motion sickness lol
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    Newbie Freelancer Says Hi!

    holy crap, 10 oreos?? JDAvant loves fighting games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat!
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    Who's Your Favorite Band?

    Any music lovers in here? Favorite genre, band, artist, album ...
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    Creativity Shines

    Yes, sir
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    Freelance Services by JDAvant

    For cool blogs, or a sample of my writing check out my website or links to some previously published work: My authorship has grown this year with the help of local publishers like Omaha Magazine. Check...
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    Creativity Shines

    Hello all! I am a freelance writer and author, and I am excited to get started, but I'm not quite sure what to do...
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    My fellow writers

    Nice to meet you, chloecsalazar! I'm new to LanceBase, too, so I guess we're in the same class? lol