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    Keeping track of/projecting your net worth

    I see no reason. There's no scenario under which I'd have to liquidate all my assets. Net worth seems like just another vanity metric. What I care about is the finances of my businesses so I watch the balance sheets carefully.
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    Have some questions about storing your work on pc

    Just use Dropbox or Google Drive with 2-factor authentication. Combined with a Time Machine (or similar for Windows) backup on a separate drive and an encrypted hard drive (FileVault on Mac) and you're as safe as can be. If you're really paranoid, print our hard copies and store in a safe :)
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    Freelance Tips for Beginners

    The 6-month savings advice is gold. I wish more people were that diligent. Freelancing has lots of ups and downs and your #1 assets are your time and discipline.
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    Freelance Tips for Beginners

    Don't make freelance marketplaces a part of your business model – it makes you very vulnerable! Instead, build your own marketing and sales capability. I've covered this extensively on my blog as I believe strongly in giving freelancers the tools and knowledge to be truly independent. If you...
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    Too much work, but income doesn't increase

    You can always raise prices way beyond the market average. I suggest playing around in Excel and figuring out what your buyers can bear. You'll definitely see churn if you raise prices but not all will leave. I definitely recommend positioning yourself as a premium option and price accordingly...
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    Software needed for copywriting / editing

    Check out Affinity Designer. It can open some AI files. It also allows you to edit PDFs. A single license is $50. However, if I were you I'd simply ask for PDFs, then write copy for the placeholders. Layout and graphic design aren't in your job description.
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    Tax on freelance income

    Try posting this question on Quora and be specific about where you live and what information you need. Chances are someone who knows the answer will see it. Good advice isn't free. After all, we make our living offer advice, for a price. :)
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    Tax on freelance income

    CA as in Canada or California? Either way, I cannot say. Why not pay for professional advice? I pay an accountant monthly to do the books and make sure things are done right. It's a smart investment. Saves a ton of pain.
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    Tax on freelance income

    That depends entirely on where you live. Ask a local tax attorney or accountant.
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    Help with an overdue payment

    I think it's time someone builds a Glassdoor version for freelance clients. This kind of behavior needs to be made public so there are real consequences.
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    Building a solution to the scam problem. Need your input.

    Where I live, we have digital IDs and payments so there are ways to confirm identities and transfer money for escrow. It's all based on the fact that we have something called a personal number/id and each party having a bank account. Not sure how it would work globally.
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    Freelance Services by jakobpersson

    Blog for freelancers and agencies I run a blog for freelancers and agencies and write weekly about pricing, marketing, sales, and growth. I sometimes interview freelancers and agency owners. My goal is to keep every post actionable. I also consult with agencies and...
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    Price formation for different clients

    I price the client. It's the cardinal rule of value-based pricing. Your price should reflect the value the client receives and that value isn't the same everywhere. That's why value-based prices are much fairer than cost-based ones.
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    Rate Calculator

    This is a cool idea. I personally prefer fixed value-based pricing. It's not as easy to calculate though and requires a fair amount of good judgment.
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    How to learn to create websites?

    This is a good starting point: