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    Lancebasers sounds better to me. I hope to see more Lancebasers joining the community.
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    Lancebase should have graphic design or writing contests

    This will also help the forum gain more popularity. This is a great idea. Hope the forum authority see this.
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    What is Love?

    Love is the psychological steroids that helps healing almost anything and makes a joyful conscious being.
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    Tutorial How to Book a Client on Upwork

    Thanks for writing a great startup guide. I am a full time freelancer at Upwork. I think this guide will help other freelancers.
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    Free online project management tool for freelancers

    As a freelancer we need to deal with several tasks and multiple clients in daily basis. So it becomes vital to use a tool for tracking, organizing and collaboration. Fluxes is a simple to use free web based team collaboration and project management software. You can create unlimited projects and...
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    Freelance hourly rate website links??

    Are you looking for freelance sites to get work? Upwork and are among the top ones.
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    I am actually very happy to join this place, although it's not the busiest place for freelancers.But it looks good enough to meet some like minded people.