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    what are the platforms available for freelance?

    There are far too many to list here--I've seen several posts that included the "best 75" and that sort of thing. Upwork is the largest and most active; it's almost impossible to get approved there as a freelancer unless you have unique skills at this point. Which are best depends a lot on the...
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    The Freelance Isn't Free Act

    I seem to be in the minority here, but as a longtime (30 year) freelancer, I HATE this ordinance and similar "protections." One of the most common complaints I hear from freelancers is that clients don't respect them, don't treat them as peers, view them as employees, etc. There's nothing that...
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    what is the best platform about freelancing

    There are many platforms (you typically see a handful mentioned again and again, but there are quite a lot more out there if you search for them). But, to my knowledge there is nowhere you can "work easily" unless you have very high-end, specialized skills. Freelancing is highly competitive, and...
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    Fiverr funds verification takes too much time

    This complaint comes up on Upwork a lot, too, but it doesn't really make sense. If you work a regular job, that's often your only source of income, and you may have to wait two weeks to get paid. Similarly, if you freelance directly for a large company out in the world (not through a platform)...
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    Fixed-Price Escrow Instructions on Upwork

    Funds can be escrowed for the full project or one milestone at a time. It's important to note that the contract price means nothing--only the funds in escrow are protected at all. So, if you agree on a price of $500 but the client escrows $100 for the first draft, that's the only amount of money...
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    Welcome, GigMistress

    Nice to "meet" you all. My name is Tiffany, but I'm using my website handle as a user name to segregate my client work from my freelancing advice site. I'm a writer with ~30 years professional experience, some in-house but mostly freelance. I've written across a wide range of subjects and...