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    Is it normal for the soles on Dr. Martens to be peeling?

    I've had a pair of Vegan Dr. Martens for just over 2 weeks. They're great in terms of comfort, style, and overall as a boot. But one thing has been concerning me. Now, I do a fair bit of walking around and I've worn them nearly every day since I got them, so I expect some wearing (I had recently...
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    Method for discouraging my bad habit

    I have a probably-not-dangerous habit that I'd like to break. I've heard of people wearing a rubber band on their wrist and stinging themselves with it when they catch themselves doing something they're trying to avoid. I don't know if this method is quite severe enough for me. What are some...
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    UK VAT Unique Invoice Number

    I've recently registered for VAT and I'm not sure if I've been numbering my invoices correctly. I don't have many clients and I simply run a sequential count so it would be invoice #01...#02..#03. Every new client has their own sequence starting from #01 although I don't have a specific client...
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    How to accurately set the date on an analog watch?

    I have a number of analog watches that run on button batteries. The batteries run down, get replaced, and then I have to reset the time and date. I remember the original instructions they all came with about setting the date outside the range of roughly 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM, but I always have a...
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    What glue to use for new LCD on mobile phone?

    For a replacement LCD for mobile phone, not press-fit or screw on, what domestic glue can I use to re-glue it back. Thanks
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    57 Million U.S. Workers Are Part of the Gig Economy

    More than one third (36 percent) of U.S. workers are in the gig economy, which works out to approximately 57 million people.
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    Freelance Web Devs, how do/did you find clients?

    Yes I confirm it. How do you find your clients? @Globallancer
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    How to access iPhone hidden files?

    Is it possible to access iPhone's hidden files and menus?
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    How much do web developers charge to do maintenance service?

    What do most web developers charge per month to maintain a client's website. Keep plugins and core up to date, and run backups on theme files and the database. For those that do this, what is a reasonable rate to charge? Small businesses (local restaurants, bars, farms, etc)
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    Why are rates for mobile developers on so low?

    Examples $140 for a chat application (iOS and Android) $8 - $15 per hour to have an audio streaming mobile application built. $10 - $30 for an iOS kernel driver. Considering that there is no documentation (or support) from Apple whatsoever about how to build a kernel driver for iOS, and such a...
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    How to quickly warm up a toilet seat

    In the winter, a porcelain toilet seat can get extremely cold and unpleasant. Is there a quick way to warm up the toilet seat to make it more comfortable to sit on?
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    Dormzi app brings gig economy to college campuses

    The Dormzi app aims to make life easier for college students by letting them request services like laundry or tutoring to be completed by others on their campus.
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    The Official Freelance Meme/ Funny Image Thread

    A reminder to those who think they can have it all :wink:
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    New PYMNTS Study Reveals the Ins and Outs of the Gig Economy

    New PYMNTS Study Reveals the Ins and Outs of the Gig Economy