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    Making Your Job Application Stand Out From the Rest

    In another thread (re: places to search for jobs), I wondered how many applications are received on average for advertised jobs because the competition is fierce. It got me thinking about the different things I do to make my application stand out from the rest. I thought I'd share my tips here...
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    Where are your favorite (non-bidding site) places to find work?

    The problem with Indeed - which I visit every day - is that everyone else uses it as well, so the competition to the jobs advertised there is incredibly fierce. Ditto Problogger. I wonder how many applications are received on average.
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    So… can we talk about coffee?

    I can drink coffee all day. One of my clients recently sent me a metal travel coffee cup for a holiday gift. After using it a few times, I now consider it the best gift ever. It keeps my coffee hot ALL DAY! No more constantly microwaving cold coffee, or leaving my coffee cup in the microwave...
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    What is the best way to promote fiverr gigs?

    Do you have a blog? Perhaps you can write informative articles and blog posts as part of a content marketing strategy. Once the posts are indexed, they can help drive traffic to your Fiverr page. You can use Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to promote your posts - and your business.
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    Where are your favorite (non-bidding site) places to find work?

    There are literally dozens of job boards and job listing sites for freelancers (I should know, I own one) and they all offer different things. My favorite places to look for freelance writing jobs are Indeed, LinkedIn, and Craigslist. (I know Craigslist has a bad reputation, but I actually found...
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    LanceBase Interview with Deborah Ng | Published Author & Consultant

    Thank you for your support! If it's not the most current copy (we published the newest one in the Spring of 2017). I have some extra copies at home and I'm happy to send them out to people who can really use them. (Domestic only, because I'm a freelance writer, after all.)
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    Welcome, Katanya! Nice to meet you too!
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    Hello world ^^

    Welcome, Nico! Looking forward to getting to know you better.
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    How do you handle communication with different clients?

    Most of my clients use email, though I also communicate via Skype, Slack, and text. It's usually the clients choice.As long as we have good communication, I don't mind having several different platforms. What I don't like are clients who ignore emails, phone calls, skypes, etc., or who are very...
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    Dedicated Networks VS. Platforms

    I don't use any of these platforms - I don't have any luck with them and the rates are too low. I know everyone's experiences are different but I do better with private clients.
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    What kind of freelancing does everyone do?

    I thought about writing resumes as well. I wondered if the formatting would drive me crazy.
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    What kind of freelancing does everyone do?

    I'm a writer, but I've also worked on an independent contractor basis as a social media consultant and an event planner for social media conferences. What does everyone do?
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning, all! My name is Deb and I've been a freelance writer for over 15 years. Prior to that, I worked in traditional publishing. Most of my work now comes from private clients - marketing agencies and others who are working on their content strategy. I'm also the author of several social...
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    Freelancers sole proprietors

    Yes, and an independent contractor is sole proprietor.