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    How do you pick a niche market when freelance writing?

    I think you just chose jobs that interest you. I want to do captioning and speech writing jobs, maybe writing about board games or parlor games (I hate Yankee spelling by the way!) but I'm easy really.
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    Best Freelance Platform of 2017

    How many jobs have you applied for on Guru and Upwork? I think I needed to apply for at least fifty on Upwork before getting anywhere. But that's better than the usual job sites.
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    Do you work on weekends?

    I often work weekends, but then again there's many days during Monday to Friday where I find myself without work. You have to work when you can, I suppose.
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    Video Tutorial How to Register at Fiverr

    I believe you can register by using your Facebook account, rather than using a password?