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    Are smart cities just a utopian fantasy?

    Just finished a freelance project involving that book. Have to agree with witchwriter, though. Mixed use communities have mixed results because there often is not buy-in from lower income residents, and the assessments of their wants and needs is often woefully off-base. There's plenty of...
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    Issues with maintaining energy

    Oh, here's one I use and forgot. Drink a lot of water each day. Enough to periodically make you get up. That's helped me get through a few all-nighters.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard! Hope all is well.
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    Content Writing Ombudsman

    See, if the employers demanded it... I could see Google demanding something like that to address black hat SEO methods.
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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard.
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    Content Writing Ombudsman

    I agree, though it would take a heck of a lot of organizing to get that moved in any state house or Congress. Part of the challenge would be leverage. Scabs would abound if a small group of U.S. based freelancers stopped freelancing. Public actions would be difficult to say the least. The other...
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    Issues with maintaining energy

    I'd say vary your settings. Spend a day or two out of the week writing in the least noisy public place you can find. Exercise helps too. I've been interspersing long writing projects with midday jogs at Planet Fitness.
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    Hiya Everyone!

    Welcome aboard. Nice to (virtually) meet you.
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    Where do you get your best leads from?

    This is completely free to sign's been a few months and I've gotten no ads whatsoever, just regular emails. They update ads pulled from all over the web every six hours.
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    Get a Real Job

    I think a significant portion of the trade-off is the protections you receive in the form of established labor law. While I agree that there are significant benefits to the entrepreneurial mindset, adaptability, flexibility, etc. you obtain as a freelancer, the benefits, besides status and perks...
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    How are you relaxing today?

    Either: Planet Fitness. Treadmill. Hill setting; Binging on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime; Reading Wired magazine; Sleeping; Or a nice meal somewhere.
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    Does your family help you with your freelance work?

    My wife keeps the kids away when I am working, but my older son has expressed an interest in monetizing YouTube channels. I've been using past freelance work to show him how online ads, affiliate marketing, and product placement work. I'd very much like to find a gig he can participate in, but...
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    Where do you get your best leads from?

    Listiller is pretty good. I've done some cold calling too with small businesses I already frequented who really needed a website or needed some content for their existing website, which was pretty effective.
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    How much do you work?

    Since I do this part-time, I try to do 2-3 hours every weeknight and 5 to 8 hours every weekend.
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    I bought a blog a few years ago. It had a cool name and logo, some good pre-written content, a small but loyal exiting subscriber base, and some decent monetization of that content from ad sales and affiliate marketing. It was a mistaken for a few reasons: (1) I simply was not passionate about...