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    How does it work exactly?
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    When can the pandemic be controlled?

    Pues eso, ¿cuándo crees que tendremos una vida más o menos normal? ¿Crees que con la llegada de las vacunas se podrá controlar o no serán lo suficientemente efectivas?
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    I will transcribe your audio or video in spanish or catalan

    I will transcribe your text in Spanish, Catalan or Valencian in an orderly, fast and economical way I can transcribe your audios or videos in Spanish, Catalan or Valencian (I speak and write all three equally) and deliver them quickly and at a super cheap price, I have a degree in letters and...
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    I will your professional virtual assistant, english and spanish

    I am a worker with great dedication and very professional, I can help you in all kinds of administrative work, I have a lot of experience in the sector, more than 20 years worked in the office. The tasks that as an example I can perform: - Create or edit or convert PDF - Process data - Works in...
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    Thanks Turbo 👍 Hello everyone, I am assisstent75, this is my user in fiverr, I am a virtual assistant, administrative help from home. I hope I can talk with you around here. Health for all 😃😃😃