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    Upwork is offline again

    I have been getting a 503 error, Is it down for you? Cant login for a long time now.
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    Valuable client wants to pay outside of Upwork

    This is the second time one of my oldest clients has asked to pay me outside of upwork. The first time it was like she was joking, but now she's pushing to where it's uncomfortable. I will never jeopardize my account, but I really like this client, shes been so good to me. How can I decline...
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    Feed a Freelancer (short film)

    "FEED A FREELANCER is a short film about freelancers at Christmas time. Shot by a group of freelancers in one evening, it mocks how freelancers don't get invited to christmas meals and appeals to all companies who employ freelancers to consider inviting their temporary staff members." Made by...
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    The Sky Is Falling. Freelancing is over.

    What the :censored:?
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    The Official Freelance Meme/ Funny Image Thread

    Illustrations of the People Who Want You to Work For Free
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    Welcome, alexlyons

    Thank you zach
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    Has anybody had any luck at all with Toptal??

    Is it a waste of time, or is it legit? Thanks in advance
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    Best Freelance Platform of 2018

    UpWork is a pain sometimes but It's the best overall.
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    Welcome, alexlyons