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    Payment Method

    No was just the fact that the guy I was doing a job for didn't have enough cash on him to pay me fully and we were a good 40 minute drive away from the nearest bank. Just made it more easier to collect via Venmo
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    Payment Method

    It was the same situation for me as well the first two months I had it. I then deleted the app thinking it'd be useless then found a gig to work and was requested to download the app again for payment to be collected.
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    Greetings Freelancers

    One more thing, if you haven't already, I would strongly suggest looking at the platforms section of the forums and use one or two of those to look for fellow game designers or even post your own project to find someone.
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    How should I deal with late paying clients?

    A few things can be done to help the situation but overall if nothing helps the situation then it'd be very much better to cut off services to the client until proved better. If you haven't already then try to talk to the client one on one and figure out what the issue is and why they are having...
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    Greetings Freelancers

    Absolutely glad to help out wherever I can. If there's anything else you need help or tips on just give me a message or something and I'll help how I can.
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    Payment Method

    Bitcoin is slowly (very slowly but surely) making its way as online payment but I don't use it all that much. Currently I use either Paypal or Venmo, paypal usually for donations, or products being bought online and Venmo for more casual payments that are being made there on the spot or...
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    Greetings Freelancers

    I haven't done too much with actual game design other than modifying slightly what is already out there so my advice may not be the best but yeah crowdfunding can very well be an option if you have enough connections that also have connections to help you out on that. If you have coding...
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    Rappers on LanceBase

    Welcome to the LanceBase Montgomery. I hope you're able to find the forums enjoyable and welcoming. Do you have any examples of your work that you'd be willing to post here? Would be awesome to get a better idea of your style of work both on cover art and rap.
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    Freelance Services by Aidan Johns

    Good Day! I'm here to help with a couple different services which range from Graphic Design to Computer Analysis and Technician Services. Let us begin with my Graphic Art Services, I have been doing graphic art through photoshop for the last 4 or 5 years which has been used for numerous things...
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    Greetings Freelancers

    Hello and greetings to all, Guten Tag! (Good day!) I would like to tell you all a little bit of myself if you're willing to use a few minutes of your time. Let us start with the fun things first. I am a traveler, adventurer, and a free spirit. I have been around the world and back, my first...
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    IT Analyst, and Graphic Artist. Always here to help and provide service where needed.

    IT Analyst, and Graphic Artist. Always here to help and provide service where needed.
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    IT Analyst, Always here to help and provide service where needed.

    IT Analyst, Always here to help and provide service where needed.