Supporter Membership

Get the most out of by upgrading to a Supporter Membership.

What is a Supporter?

Committed to helping shape the future of, Supporters are a group of members who choose to contribute financially to site upkeep, and in doing so automatically become upgraded to the Supporter Membership level. The upgrade process is instant and nondisruptive to account settings.


What are the benefits?

Supporters are entitled to premium tier forum features, including:

  • 100% Ad-free viewing (site-wide)
  • Custom "Supporter" banner/badge
  • Supporter’s Corner access (private forum)
  • One (1) image in Signature (468x60 max)
  • Increased max Signature lines: 2 > 3
  • Increased max Signature links: 3 > 7
  • Increased max Signature printable characters: 400 > 1000
  • No minimum post (2) restriction before posting a link
  • No minimum time between posts (bypass flood check)
  • Personal Conversation Search
  • Upload attachments to Personal Conversations
  • Increased max Personal Conversation recipients: 5 > 20
  • Increased post/title editing/deleting max time limit: 15min > 10 hours
  • Increased Conversation inbox storage time before pruning: 4 > 12 months
  • Access to beta features before they become public on the forum


How much does it cost to upgrade?

Membership dues are $3 per month, billed annually ($36/yr). Please note that all purchases are final, non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and non-transferable. 

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