These Forum Rules are intended to help foster friendly, pleasant interaction, and are enforced by Administrators and Moderators, who at their discretion may act without warning. By accessing any part of, or registering at, you are bound by the following rules, which apply in addition to the general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Users are also responsible for following forum-specific guidelines, and should at all times observe each in letter and spirit. This list is not considered to be exhaustive, and may be modified or added to at any time, with or without prior announcement.

I. Accounts

Membership at LanceBase is limited to freelancers and platform/marketplace personnel.

  • One account per person.
  • No account should be used by more than one person.


II. General Behavior

No user shall transmit to any Thread or Post, any Personal Conversation (PC), or knowingly receive any Message that is: unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, abusive, bullying, harassing, obscene, invasive of another's privacy, or discriminatory whether racially, ethnically, sexually, religiously or otherwise, or which may incite or instruct any person or organization to undertake such activities. Care should be taken with the use of language, with attention given to tact and diplomacy. You may dispute somebody's opinion but being extremely or repeatedly rude is unnecessary.


  • When interacting with fellow members a respectful and welcoming approach is recommended.
  • Please use clear and meaningful Titles when creating new threads.
  • Check spelling and grammar before posting.
  • Avoid posting in ALL CAPS or otherwise using distracting formatting.


III. Profiles

Avatars, Signatures, and other profile fields, must comply with forum rules, including those against obscenity, and insults against groups or individuals.


IV. Signatures

  Standard Membership Supporter Membership
Max Lines In Signature 2 3
Max Links In Signature 3 7
Max Printable Characters In Signature 400 1000


V. Impersonation

No user shall impersonate any person or identity, falsely state or otherwise misrepresent their affiliation with a person or organization, or disguise the origin of any content of a message.


VI. Personal Information

No user shall post any messages containing any private personal information about another person, including email addresses, home address, telephone number, or any other contact info.


VII. Language

We at LanceBase respect and cherish all languages, but because our native tongue is English we ask that you post in the English language.


VIII. Bumping

Bumping old threads is acceptable provided they still possess discussion value, and if the reply is both relevant and legitimate.


XI. Buying & Selling

The buying and selling of licenses, products and services is prohibited.



Spamming and self-promotion in undesignated areas is prohibited and often met with a swift and permanent ban. No user shall post any messages advertising products or services for profit or gain, unless in the Freelance Services Showcase forum. Legitimate recommendations and requests for help are acceptable, so long as the poster has a proven forum track record. Affiliate links are permitted in signatures only.



The purpose of moderation is not to limit discussion, or promote or suppress points of view, but rather to keep the forums free of problems that detract from user experience. Any complaints and queries about Moderators should be sent by way of Contact Form. Behavior intended to antagonize or insult Staff will not be tolerated.

Violating any of the above forum rules may cause your account to become temporarily or permanently banned. If you feel a ban was in error and would like to appeal, please do so by using the Contact Form. State your username, along with details regarding your appeal.